Threat Blocking & Disaster Recovery

Published: July 3, 2023
Catetgories: Case Studies, Creative News

A SiteVivid web design client elected to host their site at a big hosting corporation. Later, their WordPress admin passwords were hacked and the website was defaced.

The Other Guys

They had no site backups, the hosting company had few options to help them recover, their site was off-line for days, and it cost them hundreds to have it manually cleaned and restored.

SiteVivid Hosting Support

Threat Blocking & Disaster Recovery

All SiteVivid hosting comes with threat detection and blocking and disaster recovery:

  • Restricted admin access
  • Network and server firewalls
  • Login URL masking
  • Automatic security & software scans
  • Daily backups (30-day archive)

This stops hacks in their tracks.

Furthermore, if something does happen, we execute disaster recovery protocols that will have you up and running usually within 30 minutes, not days.