Managed WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting, Maintenance, & Security

All Plans Include

  • Website Hosting
  • Content Edits
  • Software Updates
  • Enterprise Security
  • Dedicated VPS
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Why Host With SiteVivid?

We Save You Time, Money, and Headaches.

Complete Support

  • Content Edits
  • Adding Posts or Pages
  • Graphics & Image Formatting
  • HTML and CSS Programming
  • Plugin Configuration
  • Automatic Software Updates
  • Enterprise Security
  • Daily Backups
  • And More

High Performance

Virtual Private Server
Every site gets its own VPS with dedicated IP, RAM, vCPU, and SSD.

Server Boosts
Upgrade to state-of-the-art Intel CPUs and next-gen Solid State Drives.

Free Performance Software
All sites get performance enhancing software including image & asset optimization, and search engine tuning.

Expert Technicians

  • 19+ and 15+ Years Experience
    WordPress Administrators
  • 25+ Years Experience
    Graphic Designer
  • 13+ Years Experience
    Website Designer
  • 25+ Years Experience
    Technical Support
  • 25+ Years Experience
    Customer Service
30-Day, No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee*
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What Our Clients Say.

It’s a great feeling to know that for every project I start up, I can count on Max and Chris as my creative team. I can rest assured that they will elevate my concept to the next level.
It’s been an absolute pleasure working with you both for the better part of a decade!!
Their work is absolutely excellent. They also took the time to learn and understand the business I'm in so they could best develop the message; the product is wonderful and I couldn't be happier.
So glad I switched to [SiveVivid] for website design and hosting. I now have a very well designed custom website, reliable hosting, and outstanding responsive customer service.
They [SiteVivid] work personally with you to create your vision and are very responsive and professional.
Chris and Max are both exceedingly talented in their areas of expertise and are quick to offer solutions and ideas you may not have thought of. This is the kind of value add I look for in a vendor partnership and they 100% deliver.
Their team is always responsive, professional, and highly skilled, making them a pleasure to work with. They consistently go above and beyond to ensure that our website is running smoothly and that we are happy with the final results.
Amazing working with these guys!!
I can't say enough positive remarks about Max & Chris. They are a pleasure to work with and execute the vision that we expressed to them flawlessly.
...they're also incredibly professionally, [sic] efficient and responsive.
You guys were a pleasure to work with. You both captured the essence of what the Dry Dock is all about on our website.
Ricardo, Max, and Christopher

Hosting Plan Prices

Hosting & Support That Scales to Your Needs.

One Price:
• Hosting • Maintenance •
• Content Edits •

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All Plans Include:

Automated Updates:
WordPress Core, Plugins, & Themes
24/7 Website Monitoring
Page Speed Enhancements
Premium Support Blocks
Learn About Support Blocks

Virtual Private Server






Designed for the SMB that is minimally active with website updates.

  • 10 to 15 website updates per year
  • Informational Websites
  • Landing Pages
  • Static Websites
  • Occasional Blogging
Annual Subscription

Support Blocks

Additional Support Blocks

1 Site
Bronze Virtual Server


Billed Annually at $599

Monthly Subscription

Support Block/mo.

Additional Support Blocks

1 Site
Bronze Virtual Server


Get 2 Months Free with Annual Subscription


Designed for the SMB that is moderately active with website updates.

  • 20 to 30 website updates per year
  • Informational Websites
  • Static Websites
  • Periodic SEO Updates
  • Moderately Active Blogging
Annual Subscription

Support Blocks

6% Off
Additional Support Blocks

1 Site
Bronze Virtual Server


Billed Annually at $739

Monthly Subscription

Support Block/mo.

6% Off
Additional Support Blocks

1 Site
Bronze Virtual Server


Get 2 Months Free with Annual Subscription


Designed for the SMB that is very active with website updates. 

  • 40 to 60 website updates per year.
  • Business Websites
  • Small eCommerce Sites
  • Regular SEO Fine Tuning
  • Regular Blogging
  • Regular Page Modifications
Annual Subscription

Support Blocks

13% Off
Additional Support Blocks

1 Site
Bronze Virtual Server


Billed Annually at $999

Monthly Subscription

Support Blocks/mo.

13% Off
Additional Support Blocks

1 Site
Bronze Virtual Server


Get 2 Months Free with Annual Subscription


Designed for the SMB that is frequently making website updates.

  • 50 to 100 website updates per year.
  • Business Websites
  • eCommerce Websites
  • Frequent SEO Fine Tuning
  • Regular Blogging
  • Frequent Page Modifications

Annual Subscription

 Support Blocks

20% Off
Additional Support Blocks

1 Site
Bronze Virtual Server


Billed Annually at $1499

Monthly Subscription

Support Blocks/mo.

20% Off
Additional Support Blocks

1 Site
Bronze Virtual Server


Get 2 Months Free with Annual Subscription

Plan Details

  • Set-up & Hosting
    • 30 Day, Money-Back Guarantee.
      If you decide that you want to migrate your website to another host for any reason within the first 30 days of service, we’ll refund every penny of your hosting fees.
      Money-Back Details
    • VPS with Dedicated IP & Resources
      For security, SEO, and reliable performance, no website shares server resources with any other website. This includes vCPU, RAM, OS, IP, Bandwidth, and SSD disc space.
    • Enterprise-Class Server Assets
      All website virtual servers come super-charged with ridiculous amounts of resources, starting with: 15 GB web storage, 1 GB RAM, 1 vCPU, and 10 TB of bandwidth.
      Upgrades are available.
    • White-Glove Set-Up & Migration
      We employ good old fashioned customer service. When you get a Worry-Free hosting plan, a web pro personally consults with you, sets up your virtual server, and oversees the migration of your WordPress website.
    • Staging Environments
      We provide professional staging and production website environments providing safe places for building, testing, and deploying new website features, making changes, or troubleshooting issues.
    • Managed DNS
      DNS confuses most people. Upon request, we can transfer DNS to our servers so you don’t have to worry about it.
  • Maintenance & Support
    • Veteran, In-House Support
      Our lead WordPress admins, designers, and techs who oversee your WordPress support each have decades of experience in their fields.
    • Content Updates
      We are one of the few managed WordPress hosting providers who include content updates with our support. Open support tickets to request content updates like adding blogs, images, pages, forms, etc.
    • SiteVivid Premium Support Blocks
      If you need additional Support Blocks, each plan gets discounts on purchasing more.
    • Support Ticket Tracking
      SiteVivid uses a convenient and easy-to-use, email-based ticketing system for any type of request. All communications are tracked and archived for continuity of support.
    • 24/7 Monitoring
      We constantly monitor the health, security, and availability of your website, our servers, and the network. If your website goes down for any network or server-related issue, we know about it and address it with all due haste.
    • Free Consultations, Always.
      If you have questions about anything regarding your website, feature development, SEO/SEM, marketing, etc, just open a support ticket and we’ll do our best to answer it or schedule a phone chat to discuss your needs further.
  • Performance
    • Isolated Website Hosting
      All SiteVivid websites are hosted on their own Virtual Private Server with their own operating system, memory, and virtual CPUs. 
    • Multi-Level Website Caching
      Web Page and Object caching significantly speeds up website performance.
    • Global CDN
      Install Smush Pro or Hummingbird Pro FREE and all of your media (images, pdfs) is served from multiple separate servers closer to your visitors decreasing page load time.
    • Pro Performance Software
      All hosting packages include access to WPMUDev Pro software including Smush Pro, SmartCrawl Pro, and Hummingbird Pro. Open a ticket and we’ll install if for you!
    • Enhanced Web Page Delivery
      We employ HTTP/2 web page delivery.
  • Security
    • Free SSL
      We provide FREE SSL certificates that automatically renew, ensuring your site is always encrypted.
    • Automatic Software Updates
      Automated updates for WordPress, themes, plugins, PHP, and all server software giving your website a solid bedrock of security.
    • Human Update Oversight
      If automated plugin or theme updates cause any issues, the update is automatically rolled back and our techs are alerted. We investigate the issue and take appropriate action.
    • Threat Detection & Blocking
      WAF and website-level firewalls stop malicious activity before it starts. We provide Defender Pro: an enterprise-class security plugin that offers over 30 security features.
    • Malware Scanning
      Optional software is installed to scan your WordPress website for malicious code as frequently as needed.
    • Daily Backups
      Websites hosted at SiteVivid receive automated, full, daily website backups that are archived for 30 days.
    • Managed Disaster Recovery
      If something goes wrong at the server level that causes website degradation, we will rebuild your website from our backups for you. You’ll be up and running in no time.
  • Software & Assets
    • Forminator Pro
      Forminator is full-featured, enterprise-class form builder with 25+ form fields, login and registration forms, multi-step forms, calculation forms, subscription forms, and polls and quizzes.
    • SmartCrawl Pro
      Manage and track critical SEO metrics. Features include title and meta data, full schema support, social integrations, content analysis, robots.txt editor, breadcrumgs, and more.
    • Hummingbird Pro
      A complete web page performance optimizer including performance tests and reports, page response times, full caching suite, asset optimization, compression, and more.
    • Hustle Pro
      A powerful website marketing tool designed to covert traffic to lead, expand your mail lists, social sharing, track conversions, and more.
    • Smart Slider*
      As the name suggests, Smart Slider is an advanced, full-featured slider software for creating eye catching sliders, carousels, blocks, hero sections, and more.
    • Adobe Stock Images – 50% off*
      Adobe stock images are among the best and most unique stock photos available. If you’re needing high quality stock imagery for your website, we’ll help you find the right shot at a discounted rate.


    *Some software or asset licensing limitations may apply.

Did You Know?
Most SiteVivid Web Design Clients Choose to Host Their Site with Us.
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SiteVivid Premium Support Blocks Logo

Support Blocks


SiteVivid is one of the few Managed WordPress Hosting providers that offers complete hosting and website support including content edits.

Our Premium Support Blocks represent small chunks of time used to execute your common, day-to-day website requests.

Common Support Tasks Include:

Blog Post Updates

Open a ticket, send us the written copy and any other assets (images, PDFs, etc), and we will format and publish your blog articles.

Staff Changes or Job Postings

Send us your employee or job information and we’ll update your page, keeping design and layout consistent and professional.

Simple Forms, Polls, or Quizzes

We can build simple forms to solicit information from your website visitors.

If you don’t have professional form software, we can install Forminator Pro, free of charge!


SEO Updates

If you have an SEO pro, they can send copy updates to us with any instructions and we’ll implement the changes.

Plugin Installation and Configuration

If you are looking to expand your website functionality with one of the many WordPress plugins available, we can install and configure the plugin for you.

Image Formatting

Send us that new image you need uploaded and we’ll clean it up, size it, and convert it to the high-performance webp format.

Support Blocks FAQs

  • What Are Premium Support Blocks?

    Premium Support Blocks are used for your web page updates and other website related work.

    Simply open a support ticket and tell us what website task you need fulfilled.

    One Block represents approximately six to ten minutes of work. Multiple Blocks are used for jobs that take longer to fulfill.

  • What Can I Do With Premium Support Blocks?
    • HTML and CSS changes.
    • Custom styling with CSS.
    • Content population & image manipulation, (e.g., add blog posts, add new pages, upload images, add new products, etc).
    • Graphics development, (e.g., buttons, banners, image manipulation, etc.).
    • WordPress advice and support.
    • Optimization of CSS and Images.
    • Theme/ Plugin installation and implementation.
    • Restoring websites from backups.
    • Troubleshooting website performance, layout, or presentation issues, (e.g., slow loading web pages, web page sections or elements not displaying properly, etc.).


    If you need help that is not listed here, open a ticket and ask. We’ll let you know if it can be achieved with Premium Support Blocks.

  • What Can I NOT Do With Premium Support Blocks?

    Premium Support Blocks are designed for typical, day-to-day website content activities. They can not be used for larger or specialized projects or tasks. These projects and tasks include but are not limited to:

    • New website design or development.
    • New photography, photo sessions, photographer oversight.
    • Complex image manipulation or creation.
    • Any support, maintenance, graphic design, or updates for any website NOT hosted on our network.
    • Custom programming development beyond HTML & CSS, (PHP, MySQL, Javascript/Jquery, plugins, etc).
    • Any task that takes more than 30 minutes to complete.
    • Any tasks associated with eCommerce administration (e.g., shipping or billing configuration, order management, purchase fulfillment, etc). 
    • Any task associated with 3rd party services.


    If you are looking for more specialized or project-oriented content support, please ask us for a project proposal.

Laurel Park Management Website Example

"This is a great service..."

“This is a great service you guys are offering for boomers like me who really do not have the time or desire to keep my site up and running ‘worry free'”