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80% of online shoppers report that product photos are HIGHLY influential when choosing what to buy.
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Our Photography Services Include:

Mail 'n Shoot

Getting high quality, SiteVivid product photos for your website is easy.

  1. Mail your small or medium sized products to our photographer.
  2. Our 20-year veteran photographer, Max Kelly, will discuss with you what types of shots you’re looking for.
  3. Max will set up and shoot your products or items to your specifications and deliver the shots online.

Remote Photographer

Finding a good photographer in your area is one thing. Providing appropriate and professional direction is another.

We will research local photographers in your area, vet their skills and work, and provide a list of vendors that we think will provide the best results.

Once you have selected your photographer, we’ll communicate with them and direct their work. This will help ensure they capture the right shots for your project. We’ll also work with them after the shoot to suggest appropriate post-production image enhancements and styling


Max Kelly is a highly experienced and sought after photographer in the central Florida area. He has shot conferences in the Keys, cattle ranches in the north, countless restaurants on the suncoast, and everything in between.

If you need the best of the best and want to bring Max to you for location photo shoots, we can make that happen!


Post-production encompasses everything that happens to a photo after it has been shot.

It can be a simple adjustment of color and saturation levels, run-of-the-mill removal of skin blemishes from portraits, or as involved as isolating a person from one photo and inserting them in another photo without being obvious.

We will take your existing photos and breath new life into them for your website design project.

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Why Photography?

  • It’s All About You

    Stock photography is over-used, obvious, and ordinary. Photography from SiteVivid is distinct, professional, and extraordinary. It focuses on you and your unique story, setting your website far ahead of your competition.

  • Creative Input

    You and your team are the experts in your industry. As such, it’s your knowledge, experience, and accomplishments that guide our photographic creativity and skill. This collaboration produces unrivaled images.

  • Integrated Design

    At SiteVivid, the people taking your photographs or directing your photo shoots are the same people designing your website. Armed with a complete vision of your project, we get the right shots to reflect and compliment your website design and content.

  • Faster Product Evaluation & Comparison

    Looking at images is faster than reading product descriptions. In fact, the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text, and 90 per cent of the information transmitted to the brain is visual.

  • Studies Show…

    Studies show that custom photography increases customer engagement, trust, and conversion over stock photography. Read the links below for more information.

"eye catching results"

“Atlas has the pleasure of working with Max Kelly for design services and photography with eye catching results. He is a creative professional who has been instrumental in conveying the visual of the Atlas brand.”