Creative Sarasota is now SiteVivid

Creative Sarasota Logo

After five years of business growth and evolution, we decided to take our customer-centric, white-glove brand of website services beyond the boundaries of Florida’s Suncoast. Our original business name, Creative Sarasota, created a geographical barrier making it harder for us to appeal to markets outside of our state. As such, we have rebranded as SiteVivid. This new name will allow us to address a broader audience and accommodate a more expansive service offering.


  • Are you under new ownership or management?

    NO. We have not been bought, acquired, or merged with anyone. Our clients will continue to interact with the same primary people they always have, Christopher and Max, with one addition: our long-time friend and new partner Ricardo Ruggiero is heading up our new eCommerce services.

  • Are there any changes to your hosting network or infrastructure?

    No. This branding change will have no effect on our network, servers, or web support infrastructure.

  • Are your services changing?

    Yes and No. This rebrand will not impact our current roster of services and associated features. The change does precede additional services that will make us more useful to you.

  • Are you adding new services?

    Yes! We are building a whole new suite of services to offer. Here’s a current list of what’s coming down the road:

    • eCommerce. We are currently beta testing a new eCommerce service.
    • Digital Marketing. We will be offering a host of new SEO, digital marketing, social management, and demand generation services to get traffic to your website.
    • Freelance & Agency Hosting. We are currently working to define and build services designed to provide expert Managed WordPress Hosting services to website design and marketing freelancers and agencies.
  • Is your contact email information changing?

    Yes, email will change. Once we switch to the new brand and domain name, our email addresses will need to change. That being said, Our email domains for both brands (Creative Sarasota and SiteVivid) will exist alongside one another for some time.

    No. Our phone number will remain the same for the time being.