Website Automation with Human Oversight

Published: July 3, 2023
Catetgories: Case Studies, Creative News

Service Failures

A SiteVivid web design client elected to host with a big hosting corporation. During the client’s busiest season for online gift certificate sales, the website went down for unknown reasons.

The Other Guys

The big corporate hosting company used an outsourced and inexperienced support team. As such, they were unable to idenfiy or fix the problem for two weeks. It cost the client thousands of dollars. Not only did the cause of the issue elude the big corporate hosting technical support, but they actually tried to upsell the client as a means to remedy the issue.

SiteVivid Hosting Support

When asked, SiteVivid stepped in to help identify the issue. The solution was that the corporate hosting company offered what they called free, “auto-renew” SSL. Unfortunately, the “auto” part of the “auto-renew” failed spectacularly causing the website to choke when attempting an encrypted connection. It required a manual renewal.

Automation with Human Oversight.

SiteVivid hosting combines failsafe automation with experienced human oversight.

4 Qualities of CS Hosting Support:

  1. Our in-house support techs are notified if anything fails.
  2. We have staging environments to safely troubleshoot issues and test solutions.
  3. We’ve been supporting WordPress for 19 years.
  4. Most importantly, we understand the importance and value of your website.