Tripletail Seafood Website Example

Tripletail Seafood & Spirits

Project Completion: February 15, 2021

Services Rendered

  • Website Design
  • Photography
  • Photo Post Production
  • Custom Programming
Tripletail Seafood Mobile Website

One of a family of restaurants owned by Gecko’s Hospitality Group, Tripletail Seafood and Spirits opened in February of 2021. This being the third web project we executed for the group, the familiarity between the Gecko’s team and Creative Sarasota made the creative process that much more fluid and organic.

Objectives & Challenges

With a more refined atmosphere, one of the most important objectives was to capture the environmental elements as well as the fine food and craft cocktails. As with the other websites we had done for Gecko’s, a clean, well organized, and easy to read food menu was neccessary. It was also important to create a separate drinks menu because this restaurant offered a wide selection of innovative and traditional craft cocktails plus a rotating selection of red, white, and bubbling wines.

Finally, the Gecko’s team wanted to draw attention to the state-of-the-art indoor air filtration HVAC system they installed. Because of the pandemic, it was important to let customers know that Tripletail cared about their patrons health and safety.

On that note, the biggest challenge for us was staying safe during the photo shoots. This project started during the height of the Covid-19 Pandemic. In order to get the right photos, it was necessary for us to be in the restaurant with a multitude of other people. We kept our distance, wore masks, washed our hands a lot, and got all the right shots!


  • Photo-rich web design to highlight the refined atmosphere, food, and cocktails.
  • Modern web layout to accomodate mobile devices.
  • Clear and well organized food and drink menus.
  • Highlight environmental health and safety measures.

Project Components & Highlights
for Tripletail Seafood & Spirits

Custom Photography

You can have the greatest layout, color pallet, and typography choices, but if the photos on your website are unprofessional or stock, you’ve already lost. This is why, especially with restaurant websites, we always start with sensational, custom photography. The Tripletail photo shoots produced photographic collateral that makes their website stand out among the crowd.

Home Page Rotating Banner

Because the refined nature of the dining experience was so important, we implement a simple rotating banner on the home page. The images rotate at a tasteful speed and present a variety of environmental and product shots that put the atmospherein sharp focus.

Reputation Feed

As with the other Gecko’s projects, Creative Sarasota styled and implemented a feed of reviews from OpenTable, Facebook, and Google. This really highlights the satisication of Tripletails customers.

Here are a few shots from the Tripletail photo shoots.

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