Southside Village Website Example

Southside Village

Project Completion: August 15, 2021

Services Rendered

  • Website Design
  • Photography
  • Photo Post Production
  • Managed WordPress Hosting
  • Custom Programming
  • Graphic Design

Southside Village Association is one of Sarasota’s oldest shopping districts. SVA has collaborated with over 50 established businesses that provide the general public with Dining, Shopping, Beauty & Wellness, and Professional Services. With this being considered, we set out to build a website with custom features that would assist the public with a directory of member businesses and map of each quadrant.

Objectives & Challenges

The central goal of this project was to provide custom photography, graphic branding, and a website design layout that made navigation towards each business not only feasible but easy.

In order to provide an easy-to-read layout the two custom features that were necessary for this client was a business directory and a map of each quadrant. These custom features only add to the overall function and usability of the website.

  1. The business directory supplied the opportunity to add custom fields that allowed each SVA business to be displayed in one of the four merchant categories (Food, Dining, Beauty & Wellness, and Professional Services). SVA is then able to easily upload a logo, name, address, phone number, a small description of the business, and a website link connecting to each businesses site.
  2. The map provided the ability to section off each quadrant of the Village. Each quadrant is provided with a pop-up overlay of “info icons”. These info icons provide a more in-depth view of which businesses are in that quadrant and how to get there.


  • Capturing photography that reflects the fun and casual “Park, Stroll, Shop, and Dining” atmosphere.
  • Designing graphic branding for the website that is visually pleasing.
  • Creating a beautiful, simple, and informative website that implements the following:
    • Making sure the website is functional and harmonious for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.
    • Providing all necessary information such as location, contact information, social links, etc.
    • Reflecting SVA’s downtown atmosphere.
    • Presenting each business in one of the four merchant categories.
    • Mapping out the general locations for each business.
    • Displaying a blog format for announcements and events.
  • Building a custom business directory that allows for SVA businesses to be listed in one of four categories.
    • Designing custom fields for easy input data entries by the client (to add or modify business information.)
    • Providing custom templates for category index and individual business pages, displaying each custom field’s data.
  • Establishing a custom map with pop-up overlays of “info icons” so visitors can find the businesses easily.


  • Shooting and choosing photos that provided as equal a representation of the member businesses as possible.
  • Developing graphics and logo designs for an organization that has had a wide variety of professional branding directions over the years.
  • Identifying a limited number of appropriate category titles to cover a wide range of business types.

Southside Village Directory Page

Project Components & Highlights
for Southside Village Business Assoc.

  • Custom business directory with categories, tailored fields, contact information, and an easy-to-use interface.
  • Custom-designed map with clickable icons that provide a pop-up-overlay with business names and locations for each section of the map.
  • Fade-in animations that are both tasteful and eye-catching to the common viewer.

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