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Quincey Cattle Company

Project Completion: July 3, 2022

Services Rendered

  • Website Design
  • eCommerce
  • Photography
  • Photo Post Production
  • Managed WordPress Hosting
  • Custom Programming

Locted in Cheifland, Florida, Quincey Cattle Company (www.quinceycattle.com) has been operating since 1992. A Florida Cattle Ranchers member, they abide by a particular set of principles which consider and address a broad spectrum of concerns. These include:

  • the environment
  • open space
  • wildlife habitats
  • our natural resources
  • the economy
  • local businesses
  • family ranches
  • the cattle industry

They have recenently experienced growth with their popular “Mobile Meet Ups” where customers can buy directly from QCC. As such, the company decided it was time to rebuild the website and increase focus on direct sales.


In addition to the standard design focuses like mobile ready, beautiful imagery, etc., the website redesign needed to focus on three primary goals. These were:

  • Develop and build an e-commerce section for delivery and pre-sales.
  • Promote their business-to-consumer operation.
  • Build a more engaging website by way of photography shot on-location at the ranch.

Professional Photography

High quality photos of their operation was crucial for a few reasons. First, it put in sharp relief how QCC treats their animals. This is a significant distinction that sets these types of ranches apart from big factory farms.

Second, photographs of the final products are necessary for their new e-commerce focus.

Cool Photo Trick.

For this site we employed an elegant and simple image effect in certain sections. Many of the photographs are environment shots at the ranch. Because these shots have a lot of sky at the top of the photo, we were able to “blend” the sky with the textured background image of the website. This blending integrates the photo and background in a very organic way.


The online shopping portion posed some interesting hurdles. Not only does QCC ship purchases to their customers, they also take orders for delivery at their meet ups. These meet ups happen at diifferent locations, on different days, throughtout the state. So, the e-commerce delivery options needed to accommodate this unique method.

For this, we employed the Ecwid shopping solution.

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