Krack N Snacks Website Design

Krack ‘N Snacks Gourmet Puffed Corn

Project Completion: May 15, 2019

Services Rendered

  • Website Design
  • Photography
  • Photography Post Production
  • Custom Programming
  • Graphic Design

The greater suncoast area is know for its foodie culture. A big part of that culture is the many farmer’s markets with hundreds of vendors selling locally produced foods and products. Throwing their hat in the ring in January of 2019 was Krack ‘N Snacks: maker of gourmet puffed corn. It’s kind of like caramel corn without the annoying corn husks and such.

Objectives & Challenges

Not only did the KNS crew want to set up shop at farmer’s markets, they also wanted a robust ecommerce presence to sell their products nationally. This required a custom, responsive website design and shopping cart. They also wanted to highlight a few specific things including custom-labeled products, fundraising opportunities for local groups, and a 10% off coupon with a newsletter signup. The client did not have a collection of high quality, professional photos to use for website development.

Project Components & Highlights

  • Custom Website Design & Layout
  • Responsive Design
  • Ecommerce
  • Custom Photography
  • WordPress Development
  • Slider Development
  • Newsletter Signup & Popup
  • Form Development
  • Copy Development


Using WordPress and WooCommerce, we developed a robust and self-contained shopping cart solution that accommodated everything they wanted. In addition to the standard ecommerce features, we implemented a USPS solution that allowed the client to pay for and print shipping labels directly from their printer at home. This made it much easier for them in that there was no need to go to the post office to ship products. They could print and attach labels at home and simply give them to their post delivery person.


High quality, custom photography makes all the difference in setting a business apart from the herd, especially when talking about product photographs. We shot the Krack ‘N Snacks products in multiple settings including flat black backgrounds and various real-world settings. These photos make the whole website, including the product catalog, look professional.

Sliders, Popups, & Forms

The client wanted to promote custom-labeled products, newsletter signup, and group fundraising products. They also wanted a visually rich header with a slider. This is where we implemented the initial introduction to these concepts.

Newsletter Signup

To incentivize newsletter signup, KNS offers a 10% off coupon. In the first slide of the header we added a button to trigger a popup for the signup process.

Custom Forms

A simple custom form can make life a lot easier for online businesses. In order for a prospective client to initiate the fundraising service, they originally had to download, print, fill out, and fax or email a submission form. We took most of those steps out by creating a simple email form on the site that sends the information directly to the KNS team.

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