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Project Completion: February 24, 2023

Services Rendered

  • Website Design
  • Photography
  • Photo Post Production
  • Managed WordPress Hosting

Dr. Robert Hamilton has an impressive collection of degrees that are the foundation of his career as an organizational behaviorist. Drawing upon his bachelors, doctorates, and master’s degrees in fields such as organizational learning, psychology, business administration, law, and finance, he is uniquely qualified to help guide businesses to great success.

Seeking to expand his exposure on the world wide web, Dr. Hamilton engaged the services of Creative Sarasota.


The goals for this web project were fairly straightforward: design a highly professional business website that conveys the subject’s extensive academic accomplishments and diverse business experiences. For this project we executed:

  • Photography
  • Website Design & Development
  • Copy Development

Imagery & Photography

As with many projects, we started with pictures. Dr. Hamilton wanted fresh, updated, and professional portraits shot in a more natural environment. So, instead of backdrops and canned lighting, we shot outside or in rooms with an abundance of natural light and organic shapes in the background.

Given the academic and intellectual nature of the business and services, there was no need for any flashy animations or excessive imagery. As such, the only other imagery is a photo of a pristine bay invoking a more refined atmosphere without being stuffy. The design, at its core, is calm, inviting, and friendly.

Copy & Typography Specs

With such an extensive academic and professional background, we needed to organize and present information so that it was easy to scan and comprehend without making it look too much like a resume. To do this we relied heavily on lists, clear headings, and precise comingling of not only bolded and light font weights, but serif and san-serif fonts too.

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