Aquarian Sky Water Website Example

Aquarian Sky CBD Sparkling Water

Project Completion: November 12, 2020

Services Rendered

  • Website Design
  • Photography
  • Photo Post Production

Aquarian Sky CBD Sparkling Water is a new product expected to hit the market in late 2020 or early 2021. It is the result of the combined effort of Florida based FizzH2O, LLC and GreenWay Herbal Products, LLC operating from Tennessee. Partnering with Middle Tennessee State University, GreenWay produces the Tanasi brand of CDB/CBDa supplement. This is added to the plain and flavored sparkling waters produced by FizzH2O. In August of 2020, FizzH2O reached out to Creative Sarasota to build their website, provide product and lifestyle photography, implement simple online shopping, and help develop copy.

Objectives & Challenges

There weren’t a lot of challenges with this particular project. The client simply set us loose and remained mostly hands-off.  Armed with a logo, color palette, and product brochure, we set out to build their website.


  • Create an attractive site with tasteful moving parts
  • Simple navigation
  • A crisp and inviting atmosphere
  • A young and healthy message
  • Simple ecommerce

Additionally, the team wanted to highlight two specific points. First was the science behind the CDB formula. Their CBD/CBDa is a medically researched formula developed in conjuction with a world renowned university. Second, was the flavoring ingredients. With strong Florida family ties, the FizzH2O folks wanted to highlight the fresh, Florida grapefruit used for their product.

Project Components & Highlights for Aquarian Sky CBD Sparkling Water Website

Custom Photography

Custom photography is always preferable to stock photography. Never moreso than when you are selling a highly branded product like Aquarian Sky CBD Sparkling Water. Obviously, it is imperative that you have high quality shots of your specific product. Additionally, you need to have that product presented in environments that target your desired domographic. For this reason, Creative Sarasota shot a whole series of isolated product photos and executed multiple lifestyle shoots. Wanting to capture an active lifestyle vibe, we got beach shots, athletic shots, and dining environment shots. Below are some examples of the photo shoot sessions, the results of the photo shoots, and how the photos were integrated into sections of the website:

  • Product and lifestyle photography
  • Model selection, hiring, coordinating
  • On-location studio included necessary lighting and colored background sweeps
  • Photography composed specifically for our web layouts
  • Multiple locations

Stars in the Sky

Playing off the “sky” theme of the product, we created a subtle “sunrise” effect in the header. We started with a blue gradient in the backgroud from dark to light. On top of that we placed an image of stars with a transparent background. We then gave the stars a paralax effect (the stars scroll slower than the gradient). Thus, when a visitor scrolls down, it looks like the sky is getting lighter as the stars slowly disappear. We thought this was a clever backdrop for the Aquarian Sky logo, which is a star constelation. Click to enlarge

Header Animation

Animations, when applied sparingly, can have a great impact for your website. In this case, we took 5 individual photos of the Aquarian Sky cans and arranged them on the page in a wedge shape, moving backwards along the z-axis. When the page loads, only the front can is visible. Slowly (but not too slowly), the remaining cans fade into view, one after the other, alternating left then right until all are visible. Click to enlarge

Eye-Catching Scrolling

The scrolling effects often found on websites can be kinda fun. For Aquarian Sky, we added just a few. As a visitor scrolls down the home page, the a button for purchasing slides in from the left as the page scrolls. Just below that, we had fun with 2 slices of grapefruit in a section talking about the Fresh, Florida ingredients. As the page scrolls, one wedge is stationary and another wedge slides in from the left. Click to enlarge

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